Local Internet Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Local small business internet marketing is hands down the best way to improve your companies profits in today’s competitive market place.  Bloczone services many kinds of small businesses from all over the country. If you need help with a full internet marketing strategy or just a piece of the puzzle, we can help. We are very proud to have 96% client satisfaction. Our proven strategies are designed and tested specifically for small businesses and they work! This system was built to effectively increase and extend profits on a small business budget. The services we offer include;

Google Places Optimization

"Rank Higher in Google Places"As a consumer, when we are looking for something, what do we do? We ask someone. As it turns out, most people ask Google. Of the billions of searches done last year, 66%  were done on Google. Having your local business rank on the Google Places Local Section of the results page is crucial. What are we talking about?

The Situation – We are a local pizza parlor in a small to medium sized town. We are a sit down restaurant but also offer pick and delivery. We want to make more money this year. Our goal is to deliver more pies. The competition we are up against are major chain pizza delivery services. How can I get more calls for delivery?

The Solution – Do our homework! Lets go to Google and search, “pizza” do we show up on the map? If not, that’s why we are not getting as many calls. If we are on the map but not near the top this is also a factor. The higher we are listed the more calls we will get. Lets search “pizza delivery” on our smart phone and see if we come up. If not that is business we are missing out on and business our competition is making money on.

More and more people every day are using the Google Places tool to find local products and services. The companies that understand its power are the companies that are generating more profits and building a larger client base.

When it comes to Google Places we dominate. Our unique strategies can place you on the map quickly if you don’t show up or move you closer to the top if you are already there. This strategy alone for a small business can make a huge impact over the course of a year. Don’t let your competition take all that business. Give your company a chance to compete by calling us so we can examine your market and let you know how we can make a difference.

Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Engine OptimizationWhere does your small business’s website rank in the search engines? It’s crucial for your business to compete not just in your market place but also in the search rankings. Every industry in your town has a number of keywords that people use to find the goods and services they are looking for. If your company is not listed towards the top of these results for all your industry keywords then your company is losing business to your competition.

Don’t let this be you. We strongly believe in placing a large marketing emphasis on local search engine optimization of your business’s website. We do this because we study online habits and behaviors of consumers in local cities and what we have found is that unless its an emergency, most people looking for goods and services now a days really do their homework before they make a purchase. They search around, read reviews and most importantly always look at the companies website.

Our strategy is to get people to look at your companies website first. We want to sell potential clients on your business first before they search around, look at look at your companies competition and read reviews. If we can evoke a positive response before the potential client begins to do their homework they are more likely to call your company first because you were the first company that made a good impression on them. We all know how important a first impression can be. Its that simple. People just want to have the feeling that they can trust your business to get the job done and they will in turn do business with your company.

Nobody in the marketing business can do what we do when it comes to local organic search engine optimization. It is how this company started and is still the backbone of Bloczone today. Our techniques are cutting edge and they are proven time and time again. Our ability to deliver results all depends on your companies location and competition. Some markets and industries see faster results than others however once we get your company to the top we keep it there. It’s an investment for the future. Some of our clients have skyrocketed to the number one place on google in their town in a few weeks and saw immediate results. No matter what your companies industry is and where it is located we will get you to the top of the search results and keep you there protecting all the hard work you have done over the years.

Social Media and Networking

Local Internet Social NetworkingSocial networking has exploded from just being “all the rave” to practically gobbling up the entire internet. Country wide human rights movements are being organized and those very same movements are being covered across the globe following the feeds as it happens. The social network is literally changing the social fabric of the planet. There are over 500 million users on Facebook. Google has lost its crown as the most visited site world wide and if that wasn’t enough the number one searched term on Google in 2010 was… You guessed it, “facebook.”

So, what does this mean for a small business?

1. It means your company can’t ignore it as part of your business marketing strategy.  Social networking outlets may be the most powerful tool for a small business to leverage if they make it a priority. It can bring in new business and help your company stay connected with the loyal customers you already have.

2. Social media and networking sites are the new public relations outlets for small companies like yours in your community. Now for the first time potential clients searching for goods and services can see and review your companies reputation by simply logging on to one of many review sites and see what their neighbors are saying about your company.

This gives you an advantage as a small business if you recognize it. By taking advantage of all the tools available, your company can incentivize and prioritize the social network, making you the top rated company in your local area for your specific industry.

The most common thing we get from our clients is, “I barely have enough time in the day to get done what needs to be done, let alone worry about social media.” The beauty of social media is you don’t have to do it yourself and we will teach the secrets on how to do this.

Bloczone has fully embraced the power of social media and we see first hand every day how big of a difference it can make towards the overall success of a company. There are many different angles a company can take using social networking. Our experience strategies and situations on multiple platforms make us the leaders in local small business social media marketing. Before you know it your company will be all over the web connecting with your community via, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Yelp, Citysearch and much, much more. Give us a call so we can tell you how we can boost those approval ratings with previous customers and get you connected with your community.

Pay per Click Advertising

Local Internet Pay per Click Search Engine Marketing.Need results fast? Pay per click advertsing may be the best scenario for your company. Google adwords and Facebook have wonderful tools to get traffic to your site quickly. This works by paying for an advertisement spot on the search engine keyword results list for your industry in your town. Pay per click can be a wonderful strategy to generate leads, advertise a promotion or build a communications list. Many companies from giant corporations to small local businesses compete for the same keywords on the same playing field.

When it comes to local businesses Bloczone knows how to maximize traffic and convergence while keeping the cost down of each click. Our strategies and personal one-on-one relationship with your company allows us to build an ad campaign that will be cost effective, industry specific and regionally geared.

Article Marketing

Local Small Business Article Writing and MarketingAt Bloczone one of our major focuses revolves around content. Content can make an enormous difference to how the search engines see your site. We create all of our own content on a regular basis and market it all over the web making your small business cover more ground therefore creating more relevance every day. Our team of talented writers will focus the content around your industry and region. This specific approach and attention to detail to article writing sets Bloczone apart from any other local small business marketing company. If you want new professional articles backing up your companies goods and services you have found the right source.

Website Design and Development

Local Small Business Website Design and DevelopmentRanking high in the search engines is only half the battle of a local  internet marketing strategy. Making a first impression to a potential client can make or break the visit. Having a professional designed and dynamically developed website is very important. A website is a direct reflection of your company. If a potential client goes to your company website and it looks cheap or careless this will be the first impression of your company.

At bloczone, our design and web develop teams create custom build dynamic websites that meet the budget of a growing small business owner. Our websites are fully optimized and loaded with all the content and features your customers expect when they are looking for goods and services. Our designs not only look good but they more importantly convert potential customers into paying customers.

Check out our website portfolio here. Local Small Business Website Portfolio.

Other Service We Offer;

Mobile Marketing, Video Production and Distribution, Email Marketing, Consulting, Staff Instruction and More. Fell free to give us a call about these services or any other service that are listed on this page.